Botox! Nose Jobs! Dr. Adam Scheiner reveals more than you ever dreamed!

December 5, 2010
By Mark Roberts

Dr. Adam Scheiner, one of the most amazing Facial Rejuvenation Specialists in the country, opens up in this amazing interview with Winning Beauty Pageants. Never before have you heard a surgeon so candidly speak about the procedures he performs and the results they produce. He is truly amazing and in this interview you will understand why women come from all over the world to see him.

These stories will amaze and inspire you. You’ll even learn about the amazing “5 Minute Nose Job”, a procedure that can be a dream-come-true to a beauty pageant contestant. If you’ve been looking for a surgeon to help you turn back time, then you must hear this incredible interview with Dr. Scheiner. After listening, you will be awestruck.

Give yourself the greatest Christmas gift of all…confidence! Contact Dr. Adam Scheiner today! Call 813-367-1915.

Just click PLAY to listen. This could be the information you’ve been waiting for!



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One Response to Botox! Nose Jobs! Dr. Adam Scheiner reveals more than you ever dreamed!

  1. Maria on February 9, 2011 at 10:14 am

    I saw what you did for that woman on Dr. Oz….what is the cost for your services? More than my eyes look tired tho, at 53 (actually since around 45) my whole face has been falling. I can’t afford a lot of money for surgery but wonder if you could help me with payment options and see what u can do for me. I will send a picture if you would like.

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